Second Amp

If one removes the power meter, there is room between the original amp and the SHG to install a second amp. I put some blue tape on the rail, test-fit the pot, and traced around its footprint with a sharpy.

I really really did not want to remove all the optics from the rail, so I could drill and tap mounting holes for the second amp. So I built a tent, and applied lots of blue tape. If it works for root canals, why not lasers?

I also fabricated additional hold-down clips. They are shaped like L's, a Quantel one can be seen sitting on the blue tape in the first picture. (Mine are not anodized.)
The second amp is actually an oscillator from a newer model of laser. (So my laser now has 1986, 1984, and, 1992 components) Its cooling connections are on the same side, and on the base (so if you remove the pot, it will break the coolant circuit). The plumbing was reasonably elegant.

The power cable assembly is covered in the new umbilical page. I rearranged the power supply so the amps are both on the original PU430 double supply, and the oscillator is on a new PU420 single supply. Thus I can adjust the oscillator and amplifier lamp voltages separately, or turn off the amps and use just the resonator's output.

Its definitely brighter with the second amp, as observed with zappit paper. The SHG hates me though...

Raw imagery: 20090808

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