Pump Chambers

The lamps and rods are intact. There were pieces of broken lamp floating around in the head, so I was a bit worried. The oscillator rod has a chip on one end. The amplifier had what I first thought was a destroyed coating, but it turned out to be fingerprints, which came off with water and alcohol.

The pump chamber consists of a central cylinder, containing the reflector, and then three pieces which go onto each end, with lots of O-rings. I replaced all the O-rings while I had it apart.

The interior of the water channels has white deposits which are not water soluble. It can be scraped off with a finger nail if one is determined, but I did not want to take abrasives to such difficult to replace components. After soaking them in vinegar, and then trying sulfuric acid, I gave up and left the white deposits.

The flow tubes have a square outside cross section, with a round inside for the lamp or rod. The row of three flow tubes is then placed in the center of a cylinder which is filled with a rubbery material. The ends of the rubbery material are opaque white. We theorize that the middle is clear, for a large white reflecting chamber, but it may be opaque white the whole way through.

The flow tubes are cracked. The amp is in worse shape than the oscillator. I shone a laser pointer onto the glass, and the individual segments were easy to see due to total internal reflection. It unfortunately did not photograph easily.

So, I took it all apart, washed off all the algae, went over all the water channels with a toothbrush, then put it back together, cleaning the optical surfaces as I went.

The assembly shown is from 1986. I also have a 2001 version, which is very similar, but all the O-ring sizes are different. The 1981 version has a square cross section, and uses lamps with a gaskit assembly glued on (so they only come out one end.).

O-ring sizes for 2001 version:  (all dimesions are mm, thickness x diameter)

1.5x48  between segments
1.5x4   around lamp terminals (in the teflon blocks)
1.5x7   around the end of the rod  (should be white...)
3x4     around lamp body.  There is also a teflon ring
2.5x9   between the chamber and the base

Copyright 2008,2009 Tommy Johnson