Rapid T. Rabbit and Friends

July 2017


Internet Webcast at 4:30pm ET

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Thursday at 10am

Saturday at 10:30pm

 Queens Public TV, Queens NY

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Cablecast at 5:30pm ET with simultaneous Internet web stream

Manhattan Neighborhood Network, MNN 2 Lifestyle Channel, New York



1 Show #619

2009 Mermaid Parade in Coney Island

2 Show #187

Independence Day Fireworks

6 / 8 Show #716

Returning Guest: Bugs Bunny, Story "Uncle Wiggily and The Rocking Horse"

7 Show #256

"Op-Sailing" Music Video, Flushing Meadows Carousel Appearance

9 Show #57

Guest: Bob Anselmo as "Prof. Noah Enuff"

13 / 15 Show #NYWF64-65

Film "To The Fair!"

14 Show #209

Hypervision Theater, Lynne Sliskey's Marionette Star Show

16 Show #RTR-20

Short Feature Show 9 from Plymouth Meeting Mall PA

20 / 22 Show #701

NY World's Fair Garden Railway at Queens Botanical Garden

21 Show #CEC-121

Returning Guest: Chuck E. Cheese

23 Show #212

Bugs Bunny's 50th Birthday at Six Flags Great Adventure

27 / 29 Show #CEC-121

Returning Guest: Chuck E. Cheese

28 Show #663

Chuck McCann Interview

30 Show #CEC-121

Returning Guest: Chuck E. Cheese

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