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20070729Shelves at ten-oaks, traffic accident, moving furnature, laser in basement, drive to Iowa
20070906Pictures on way to MFM, stuff in garage, pressure-washing basement floor.
20080506Jacob's ladder, camping at Sporty's (beware the durian).
20090420Accident on 29, can crusher relays, Doodah parade, Ocean City NJ, accident on 95.
20090627Arizona/California, yet another broken branch in Dayton.
20090919Aero Ektar lens, open-moko surgery, MFM-13, ren faire.
20100214Terrier missile antenna, swap-fest at national electronics museum.
20100419Aero Ektar lens being bleached, 2010 DooDah parade.
20100516The old patent office library, Joint Services Open House.
20101017Avalanche transistors, 473nm laser shutter assembly, Ren Faire.
201104182011 DooDah Parade.
20110515Kes's wedding.
20110910Dave's wedding.
20130903MFM 2013
20140317Fur-the-more 2014
20140902MFM 2014
20150601Furthemore 2015
20160207Visiting JBadger
20160906MFM 2016 areo ektar and dragon
20170905MFM 2017
201710252017 Fur-B-Queue
20180827IR pictures from FAU.
20180906IR pictures at MFM.
2019031801FTM 2019.
2019031802IR images from FTM 2019.
20190622Faire festival.
20190903MFM 2019
20190907IR imagery from MFM 2019.
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