Internal Arrangement

The entire film path can be seen in this image. The unexposed film is loaded onto the left-most reel, and is taken up on the right-most. Note that there are duplicate reels, the camera can hold 100' daylight load reels internaly, or 400' of film on core in the magazine.

Here it is threaded. This image is incorrect, the unexposed reel should be film on a core, thats a daylight load reel. The takeup side is a core though. The wheel on the arm keeps the film on the core.

If one is just using 100' daylight load reels, then you don't need the magazine.

This would be the interesting part... The film is pulled off the reel with the sprokets on the right, which move continuously. The film then forms a loop, you can see the white guide lines for making the loop the right size behind the film. The film then goes through the gate, where it moves frame-at-a-time. After the gate, the film forms one more loop, and is back to continuous motion on the second sprocket, after which it is rolled onto the takeup reel.

The gate opens, to allow one to thread the film. The film is moved with the pulldown claw. While the film is being exposed, the film is held in position with a registration pin, just above the claw. Getting the film lined up on everything makes threading this camera in the dark basicly impossible.

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