Meat and Fire VII

Glen Echo Park Site

Saturday April 28 2007, at 11 AM, we will begin gathering for the picnic.

In the past Suits, ears, tails etc. were casually accepted. Because of events at the fall picnic last year, we will be under increased scrutiny. Sharky is organizing all fursuiting activity as an official park event.

The park has decided that ears and tails are not acceptable for the picnicers.

I have decided to go ahead anyway, with the idea that we can all still visit and have a nice lunch in our responsible adult human costumes. Obviously this isn't ideal and I will be accepting input on how and whether we should do things next time. Please help show the park that we are capable of being polite... Please don't bring the bondage gear or alcohol.


Parking and entrance are FREE.

Once you find the picnic area, look for tables covered in brown paper.

Bring $5 to help cover the cost of food. If you'd like to bring a vegetable tray or small dessert to share as well, that would be very cool.

Please make sure that you pick up a name tag when you arrive. This helps us keep track of how many people showed up, so we can run to the store for more food if necessary.

Volunteers Needed

Cooks (approx 11AM - 1PM) Each person wouldn't be cooking the entire time. Usually just an hour, and if we get enough volunteers maybe 30 minutes. If you like a relaxed pace, volunteer for a later timeslot. :)

Cleanup Crew (5pm) Help pack any leftovers into the vehicles, bag trash, and make sure the area is clean before we leave.


Burgers (yes there will be lots of cheese available this year).

There will be some Sloppy Joes too.

Hot Dogs.

Chicken (not a lot, but not everyone likes burgers or dogs).

Sodas (Cherry Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, A&W Root Beer, Pepsi, Moutain Dew, 7-UP, Coke).

Chips (Originial, Wavy, Sour Cream & Onion, BBQ).


Please RSVEmail to meatandfire at

If you are even thinking of coming let me know NOW so I can get enough food!

We expect 60 this year!

The fortieth person to pick up a nametag will win a LED shiny thing!